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Bali, Indonesia, November 7th, 2022 – The Punch Community is launching the world’s first responsible travel guide

featuring 220+ businesses committed to driving positive change in Bali

The Punch eGuide, a world-first travel guide of its kind celebrating the responsible efforts and positive impact of the best 220+ responsible destinations and brands of Bali is launching on November 8th, 2022.

Despite the growing recognition of the global emergency climate change is causing, our global economic systems and politicians are failing to address a clear and fast response. The Punch believes in the power of local communities to answer some of the deepest challenges of our society; to influence the world from real life experience, efficacy for action and tangible impact.

Built on founder’s philosophy “thousands of simple, imperfect commitments add up and have the power to inspire and create big change”, The Punch offers a simple path towards a sustainable world.

Following its own methodology, The Punch supports businesses to take and share simple, impactful commitments; empowering them to significantly reduce their environmental and social footprint, and in turn, enabling their consumers to reduce theirs.

Through its unique curation, interviews, impactful solutions and sustainability tools, The Punch Guide goes behind the scenes to inspire and drive positive change on a local and global scale. The guide shares stories of incredible businesses who have reached impressive goals, identifies best practices and provides both optimistic and tangible ideas to consider.

The Punch is a lot more than a travel guide. It is a simple proof that a community working together can achieve extraordinary change; an inspiring example of what can be done to successfully build a better sustainable future for all.

Covering all tourism stakeholders – from hotels, restaurants, beach clubs to spas, stores and brands, The Punch is on a mission to build a new kind of tourism and consumerism. One where responsibility, purpose and creativity cannot exist without another.

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