Are there any recommendations against using a copper bottle?


Yes, there are several recommendations against certain uses of a copper bottle:

  1. Acidic Liquids: Do not store citrus juices or any other acidic liquids in a copper bottle, as the acidity can react with the copper, leading to higher ingestion levels of copper than what is considered safe.
  2. Hot Beverages: Avoid using the copper bottle for hot beverages. The high temperature can accelerate the leaching of copper into the water, potentially leading to excessive copper intake.
  3. Continuous Use Without Breaks: It’s advisable not to use the copper bottle continuously without breaks. Take a break for a week after every month of continuous use to prevent copper overload in the body.
  4. RO Water: It is not recommended to store Reverse Osmosis (RO) water in a copper bottle. RO water can be more aggressive in leaching copper from the bottle due to its lack of minerals, potentially leading to excessive copper levels in the water.
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