4Ocean – Over 4 million pounds of trash removed, and counting!


At Bottles for Earth, we believe in the power of one individual’s ability to make a positive impact in the world, one refillable bottle at a time. Using our bottles makes us happy because we know that we are doing our small part to reduce plastic waste and, well, it feels good to do good! One company that definitely knows this feeling and exemplifies the power that ordinary people have to make a difference in the world is 4Ocean. Like Bottles for Earth, 4Ocean is a company that was born in Bali with the explicit goal to reduce the amount of plastic pollution worldwide.

4Ocean was started after two American surfers took a trip to Bali and were confronted by a large amount of plastic trash in the ocean and on the shoreline. They were dumbfounded, witnessing Balinese fishermen dumping the plastic trash their fishing nets had collected back into the ocean. As one fisherman explained, “ We don’t get paid to pick up plastic, we get paid to pick up fish.” It was then that the two recent Business school graduates had an idea: What if the fishermen were paid to pick up plastic in their fishing nets? Could they create a demand for plastic
waste, making it financially viable to collect the rubbish from the oceans and beaches? Thus the 4Ocean concept was born: To manufacture and sell bracelets made from recycled marine waste. Today, 4Ocean employs people full-time in Bali, Indonesia, in Florida, USA and in Haiti to do beach cleanups and pull plastic and glass waste from oceans in order to repurpose it and make bracelets out of the recycled materials.1 4Ocean sells each bracelet for $20 with the promise that the money from each purchase will fund one pound of trash removal. In less than 2 years, 4Ocean has removed more than 4 million pounds of trash from the ocean and coastlines!2

We here at Bottles for Earth are so proud of our island home inspiring others to make a positive worldwide impact on the environment. 4Ocean’s bracelets are manufactured right here in Bali from their International Headquarters and sold all over the world: “Since opening, cleanup efforts are growing, new economies are being created, and local communities are being educated on sustainability so we can solve this global problem together.”3 We feel the same way, 4Ocean! The positive impact generated when folks decide to make a difference in the world, even just by one purchase or with a personal lifestyle change, is something to strive for.



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2 https://4ocean.com/pages/our-story

3 https://4ocean.com/pages/clean-ups


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